Pre-Conference Workshop

This year the QITL conference is co-located with an additional pre-conference workshop on Lexical Resources in Psycholinguistic Research:

Lexical Resources in Psycholinguistic Research

Experimental and quantitative research in the field of human language processing and production strongly depends on the quality of the underlying language material: its representativeness, variety and balance have been discussed as important factors which influence design, analysis and interpretation of experiments and their results. The workshop aims to bring together creators and users of both general purpose and specialized lexical resources which are used in psychological, psycho-/neuro-linguistic and cognitive research. It will be a forum to report experiences and results, review problems and discuss perspectives of any linguistic data used in the field.

The workshop will take place on Monday, March 28, 2011, at the main conference venue. Registration will be possible through the main conference registration page.


Invited Speaker

Prof. R. Harald Baayen (University of Alberta)

Organizing Committee

Review Board