The following posters were presented at the poster session:

Shades of salience: Multivariate analysis of prototypicality effects in color termsAlena Anishchanka, Natalia Levshina,Dirk Speelman, Dirk Geeraerts
Subject inversion in Romance: a corpus-based studyLisa Brunetti, Stefan Bott
Watching language change: A new visualization technique and its theoretical implicationsMartin Hilpert
Rhythm-syntax interaction in silent readingGerrit Kentner
Maximum parsimony method in the subgrouping of Dravidian languagesSudheer Kolachina, Taraka Rama, Lakshmi Bai B.
Developing productivity with a new construction: Are there frequency effects in instructed second language acquisition (SLA)?Karin Madlener
Can the asymmetric effect of implicit causality be explained through usage patterns?Paul Metzner
Proving poverties of the stimulus wrong: A computational and corpus-based case in pointHagen Peukert
Aggregating and interpreting lexical alternation variables. Benefits of Weighted Multidimensional Scaling for lectal categorizationTom Ruette, Dirk Speelman, Dirk Geeraerts
Measuring semantic change: The case of Spanish participial constructionsCristina Sánchez-Marco, Stefan Evert
Effects of complexity on the acceptability of long-distance wh-dependenciesAnkelien Schippers and Machteld Brands
The quantitative approach to morphological productivity in a diachronic perspectivePavel Štichauer
In a land far, far away…The dative alternation in British, American and Australian EnglishDaphne Theijssen, Joan Bresnan, Marilyn Ford
A concept-based approach to measuring the success of loanwordsEline Zenner, Dirk Speelman, Dirk Geeraerts