Information for Presenters


Abstracts should contain approx. 500-1000 excluding references and figures/tables, in English, and must be submitted in PDF format using our stylesheet: .pdf, .doc. This applies to abstracts for both talks and posters. All abstracts will be printed in the conference booklet, and will be made available online, as well as slides and posters, which will be downloadable from the conference web site after the conference.


Posters can be in size A0 or A1, laid out vertically or horizontally. The necessary materials for attaching the posters will be provided at poster session. The posters will remain hanging until the end of the conference and can be collected before departure.

Technical Equipment

The conference room is equipped with a projector, power for the presenter's laptop and WiFi. It is also possible to use one of our laptops for the presentation; please let us know in advance if you require software other than Windows running MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat so we can prepare accordingly, or also if you require loudspeakers for your presentation. We encourage presenters to test their presentations in the lecture hall either before the conference talks begin or during the breaks.

If you prefer to use handouts in addition to or instead of a slide presentation, feel free to do so. In this case please make sure you bring enough copies for all participants. You can contact us shortly before the conference to get an estimate of the number of people based on the registration.